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Cherry Blossom Festivals in South Korea

Chilly and inhumane winter almost comes its ending. It's time for us to welcome 2013 Spring Season. Take out all your spring outfits and let's go out for sightseeing. You shouldn't miss the fabulous 2013 Cherry Blossom Festival in South Korea. Following are some recommendations on this upcoming spring flower festivals. 

Jinhae Gunhangje Festival/ Naval Port Festival (진해군항제)

Jinhae Gunhanje Festival is the Korea's largest cherry blossom festival. Jinhae town has the largest number of flowering cherry trees in the world, approximately 340,000 cherry trees. JInhae Cherry Blossom Festival has been celebrated since 1952 to commemorate the Naval hero, Admiral Yi Sun-shin (이순신), who helped defeat the Japanese invasions over 400 years ago. The main attraction of this festival is the three-lined street along with majestic whitish pink cherry blossom. Yeojwa Stream (여좌천) is the shooting scene  of Korean drama "Romance" becomes an ideal spot for couples. At evening,  the streets will be crowded with stalls which sell Korean traditional foods, clothings, snacks to be enjoyed. 

Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival (제주 왕벚꽃축제)

When talking about spring in Jeju, people will mention about Jeju King's Cherry Tree at around Seogwipo’s downtown area and the surrounding Jeju Sports Complex. If you are lucky, you may have the chance to take a glance on Jeju King's Cherry Blossom since it will entirely bloom like the size of an orchid for only 2~3 days. During the festival period, there are usually some cultural performances, fashion shows and finale fireworks. Don't miss the delectable street foods along the street while listening to soothing melody. The festival is expected to be held on the 1st week of April.

Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival (여의도 봄꽃축제)

Yeouiseo-ro (Yunjung-no), the street behind the National Assembly Building is the most renowned cherry blossom street in Seoul. This street is blanketed by 1,400 alluring cherry trees. Besides cherry trees, other spring blossoms such as Azaleas and Forsythia are in full bloom around Hangang during the peak of spring. During the festival period, all visitors just need to focus on flower sightseeing as vehicles are not allowed to access the road around the National Assembly building. At night, multi-colored bulbs around cherry trees light up the street and create a romantic atmosphere for lover to hang out. Street performances and art exhibitions are available. The festival is planned on around mid-April  but it may subject to change.

Hwagae Cherry Blossoms Festival (화개장터 벚꽃축제)

The cherry blossoms at Hwagae Village is ranked as one of the top five cherry blossom spots in Korea. Located just a stone away from Ssanggyesa Temple in Hadong Village, the riverside road is widely known as "Marriage Road". As they believe that if the couples walk along the road full blooms with awe-inspiring pink cherry trees while holding his or her partner's hand firmly, they will walk into marriage hall and stay happily together eternally. Hwagae Marketplace nearby is noted for its traditional delicacies such as king crab broth and sliced raw sweetfish. You need to satisfy your hunger first before enjoying splendid spring panoramas. 

Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival (석촌호수 벚꽃축제)

Many festivals and events take place around Seokchon Lake due to its sapphire blue lake along with breathtaking nature. Don't be surprised when you see there are a bundle of people walking briskly around Songpa Cherry Blossom Street. This is part of the Evening Walking Competition on April 13 . Other activities such as congratulatory performances on April 14, cultural arts performances on Seochon Lake waterside stage on April 14-15 starting from afternoon, traditional arts performances on April 14-15 at 3pm, and outdoor sculpture exhibition on April 13-15. 

Lotte World Cherry Blossom Festival (롯데월드 벚꽃축제)

Just within sniffing distance from Seokchon Lake, an amusement park called Lotte World can be seen. If you bring your kids along with you, this might be the perfect place for your family. Lotte World also holds Lotte World Cherry Blossom Festival there. Adventurous outdoor rides and appealing pale pink spring blossoms will enlighten up your trip in Korea. The sound of enchanting melody played by musicians during the Flower parade is worth to enjoy. Sometimes, your K-Pop idols may performance on the stage in Lotte World.  

Gyeongpo Cherry Blossom Festival (경포대 벚꽃축제)

When spring comes, the center of Gyeongpodae Pavilion which is well-known as the 6th regional tangible cultural treasure of Korea is the location of Gyeongpo Cherry Blossom Festival. A crystal clear giant lake encircled by 4.3km street with tempting white blossom trees is a definite paradise. Several cultural events and flower exhibitions take place during festival season. Strolling along the street or sitting on the bench while enjoying the lake view is a good choice. Planned date for the festival is around mid-April.

Cheongpunghoban Cherry Blossom Festival (청풍호 벚꽃축제)

The gentle spring breeze makes the spring blossoms dance gracefully along the 13km road beside verdant Cheongpung Lake. Perhaps, this is the reason of Cheongpunghoban is selected as a site for cherry blossom festival. Despite of cherry blossom trees,  shy Azalea, Forsythia and thousand of other wild spring flowers will keep their buds wide open during the festival season to show off their best appearance! Various exciting street concerts, magic shows, dance parades are waiting for you! Feel curious with the feeling of heart-attack? Try Bungee Jump right here! For visitors who want to fell in love spring aroma, you can taste some samplings of herbal tea and food made of wild herbs anytime. Fragrance of  tea and magnificent vistas will certainly make you to stay here longer. This wonderful festival will be held from 19 April to 21 April. 

Gyeryongsan Cherry Blossom Festival (계룡산 벚꽃문화제)

Surprisingly,  cherry blossom festival takes place along the road up to Gyeryong mountain (675m above sea level) in Daejeon area. The main highlight of the festival is the street which leads to Donghaksa Temple, where you can feel the inner peace with Buddha.  Tall and spectacular white blossom trees are everywhere. Many Korean senior citizens and young couples love to come here for hiking every morning and evening to maintain in pink health. If you are tough enough, challenge yourself climbing up to 1.5km and you will behold a sparkling waterfall. There are plenty traditional activities such as Dado (tea ceremony), woodcraft, soap making, natural dyeing, street artists, fringe performances, local agricultural produce sales, Evening Flower Parade during the festival period around mid-April. 

These are some awesome sites of cherry blossom festival that is worth to visit if you are planning to South Korea on this coming spring season. For information about other festivals and destinations in Korea, please visit Korea Tourism Organization.

Let's welcome the spring season together!

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