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One Day Seoul Trip ( Seoul Tower 1 )

Last Saturday, me and my classmates who were two Bulgarians,one boy and one girl ( Sry,forgot to capture their pretty & handsome face ), another two China girls (Guys,they ald gt bf, photos need no lolz )  together went to Seoul  Tower. Here i will just put some Seoul photos instead of all photos i had taken at Seoul as it were really lavish.So pls forgive me,my masters / misters ! !
This is how the Korea looks like when u are in Seoul Tower. My camera is not a professional camera but at least can zoom in. 
Seoul Tower is 479m high from sea level, from Seoul Tower, u not only can see almost the whole Korea. If u are lucky enough, sometimes u still can sneak a view on a small part of North Korea. Sounds interesting!

Malaysia Boleh ! ! From this side of Seoul Tower, just watch straight on, Kuala Lumpur is just 4 595.33 km from here, so near...
Not only Malaysia, Jakarta,Indonesia also just 5 628.18 km from here =D
Besides, there are also from other countries ^^ nice,right?
What do u think is it? Actually in Seoul Tower ,another main attraction is those square like cement which were coloured with various of love ,romantic expression and words...Guess what,i didn't do that..So need no to find where was i put it xD
And the cements are very expensive too T.T 

Actually i had visited many places but the photos are voluminous .Therefore, i have to separate one place by one place also so that u all can see it more clearly without confusion...


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