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Live Performance "Ballerina Who Loves B-boy"

"Ballerina Who Loves B-Boy"(Click Me)

Let me introduce about B-boy.The B-Boy World Champions “Extreme Crew” are the stars of the show that tells a story of the love between a b-boy and a ballerina without the use of any verbal languages.It's a fusion of high-energy dance, break-dancing, ballet, and hip hop, communicates the entire plot. Regardless of age, gender or nationality.
Every time they will have a different ,awesome story.Are you interested with this event?

Useful Information
Event Period:12.20.2009 ~ 12.31.2010
Location:Seoul : Jamsil Lotte World Arts Theater
                                                           Busan: BB Theater
Performance Times
Wed, Thu 20:00 / Fri 17:00, 20:00 / Weekend & Holidays 15:00, 18:00
Tue-Fri 20:00 / Sat 16:00, 20:00 / Sun & Holidays 15:00, 18:00
Ticket Fees
Seoul 50,000 won for all seats
Busan R class 50,000 won / S class 40,000 won

For Ticket ReservationInterpark Tel. 1544-1555 / ticket.interpark.com (Korean)
Ticketlink Tel. 1588-7890 / theater.ticketlink.co.kr (Korean)
Auction Ticket Tel. 1566-1369 / ticket.auction.co.kr (Korean)

For Further Information
Please visit: www.showbboy.com
Languages available are Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese

Hope you guys gonna enjoy it  ^-^
Have a good day.

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