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Autmn scenery in South Korea (Exclusive topic)

This is our campus's foliage~

It's mid-autumn now. My first blogging for this fall after a week of examination. Feeling ecstatic though i have a final mid-term test on Monday. Well, this cannot stop me from sharing these magnificent photos i took during exam week. Sharing is caring :) This is how our university looks like during the fall season. Simply amazing!

The road i use to walk :)
Today i want to share a topic with everyone about 'Season of loneliness'. Do you know that autumn season is also well-matched for a word 'loneliness'? Especially for man (women too)! Where many people start to feel solemn and wanting to find a partner? Well, do you feel solitary and your heart is yelling for empty too? You may wonder the reasons of why many people feel lonesome during fall. Let's unfold the mystery!

 Wallpaper of 'The Heartstrings' Korean drama
In fall, the temperature drops abruptly and the cold wind brushes against your fragile skin after a scorching summer days ended. Your body doesn't get to use on this sudden temperature change. "I'm cold...sunshine please~!" This leads you to seek for something warm... (ex. a cup of coffee, someone to hug, blanket) Besides, several researches have been done and it was proven that hormone also plays a critical role in stimulating the feeling of loneliness.

Autumn sunshine~
As you know, we receive less sunshine in fall than in summer as daytime is getting shorter. Serotonin, is a hormone reducing your depression and annoyance. Depression usually comes before loneliness. We requires sunshine in order to stimulate the secretion of serotonin 'Happy hormone'. Our brain secretes less happy hormone than usual with the absence of sunshine. The worst, the person who is lack of serotonin hormone usually has the problem to fall asleep (sleep disturbance) and hardly control own emotions and mind. This phenomena will last until the winter ends. Many experts related depression as one of the factors that leads to loneliness.

Ways to conquer seasonal depression:
1) Take a walk outside when sunshine is available
2) Breath some fresh air to unwind ur body and mind
3) Exercise more to stay strong and warm
4) Interact/mix with more intimate friends
5) Hmm... start dating/ blind date? haha~

Don't ask me if i'm one of the lone wolves too? Don't ask me, ask yourself first. I would rather let you wonder xD. I hope you enjoy my post and more autumn photos will be uploaded on my next post . Please be healthy and warm always!
Stay tuned with next fall vista !

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