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Cherry Blossom Festival At South Korea

Numerous flowers have came out from their buds after snoring a few months in winter season,this is also meant that now is Spring ! But this year blossoms open a bit slower than last a few years due to the cold environment in Korea.

Ar, i did not manage to capture the perfect sight of the balloons and the words.Before i arrived there, i could see the balloons from the far and it looked amazing !

See,my friend was jumping and her post really "attractive" !haha,i am just kidding.Actually lavish of activities had been held such as enjoying free teas ,making rice cakes activity,and many accessories had prepared for all of us for playing ..Just as shown as last picture above. Maybe this year you don't have the chance to go,but how about next year? You should come here and enjoy the sight and breeze wind here..It was nice and comfortable..And don't forget, you can also bring your beloved to here and have a romantic moment at here. Hope that i could see you all next year ^,^

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