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Hello Kitty Cafe (헬로키티카페) in Korea

This is how the Hello Kitty cafe looks like. My friends said this cafe is quite well-known so i decided to go there.I went there with my Malaysia Indian friend who recently study in Seoul. As we were not certain about the location of the cafe,we walked for around 1 hour in order to reach there. Actually it wasn't that hard to find the cafe. The cafe is located at the center of one of the streets called Sinchon street (신촌로). In fact, there is another similar Hello Kitty located at Hongdae Street. I will show you the directions  to both of the cafes at the end of this post. 

This is the one of the Hello Kitties inside the cafe. It's cute and i love it. We actually took a lot of photos and lost ourselves in the HK cafe. The lights are quite dim but it really creates an romantic surrounding. 

There are many pairs of couples who always choose the best corner for dating whereas other corners no one sits there.  Almost all the wallpapers are either pink or white. I think this is one of favorite spots for lovely couples.

This were what my friend and I ordered. A cup of sweet potato latte and a cup of yogurt strawberry ice-cream. Actually in Malaysia, 
i seldom see a drink like sweet potato latte before. For me, this taste is simple amazing. Whenever you are tired, you just need to drink this and you will refill your energy immediately. Surprised? I still love sweet potato latte until now!

What's that? Can you see a Hello Kitty with its side look? It's cute,right? The actual image was clear and fresh, i didn't know why the picture looks blur. Anyway, I feel like wanna keep it >_<

I felt hesitated to leave Hello Kitty Cafe since i didn't have much time to stay in Seoul. 
I want to eat those cake. It seems so delicious!  I shouldn't go back to Daejeon~
Yummy cakes, wait for me!

Sinchon Hello Kitty Cafe 
Hongdae Hello Kitty Cafe

Get off at the Sinchon Station (신촌역) Exit no. 2 and follow the red line direction on the map. Your destination is marked by the blue flag.

Get off at the Hongik University Station (홍대입구역) Exit no. 2 and follow the red line direction on the map.Your destination is marked by the blue flag.

In case you stay in other regions in South Korea where you think it takes plenty time to go to Seoul to hang out, why don't you come to Daejeon?
At Daejeon downtown, you can find the Hello Kitty Cafe too!
Visit Daejeon Hello Kitty Cafe for more information and pictures i've taken.
Have a good day :)

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cutvitarie said...

the cafe is different with the one i visited...exp. in the 1st pic...this is the one in Shinchon ya? not in Hongdae...


Elaine 링 said...

Hmmm really? but what i remembered is last time i got off at Hongdae and walked for a long distance to find the cafe :/
Im not from Seoul so I don;t know alot abou Seoul's stuffs.
I felt glad that i could find the cafe xD

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