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Unique and romantic cafe over Han River

For those who like to enjoy sightseeing in a cozy place without exposing themselves to blazing sunshine and freezing winter, I would like to recommend some of the unique and romantic cafes on the Han River.

                                       1. Cloud Cafe (동작구름카페)

                                 2. Red Sky Cafe (동작노을카페)

I went to Cloud Cafe a few weeks ago. It was a very cold night and I yearned for a warm place to settle off myself and have a good rest. When i arrived on the spot, i saw both of the cafes since they were not far away from each other. The structure of both cafes are round in shape and the appearance of buildings just look marvelous. I was really surprised on the moment i went inside the Cloud Cafe. The cafe's interior design gives me a kind of mysterious and romantic feelings. It makes you want to date with your bf/ gf !

When you choose the seat, please choose the window side as the scenery at night is magnificent. Each table in the cafe has its own mini candle which creates a romantic surrounding for lovely couples to cherish their precious time together and enjoy the view of Han River by looking out the windows. I'm not very sure about the food there but most of the people ordered Western food. Thus, i think the food must be delicious and the price is affordable. Unfortunately, i missed the chance to try the foods since I was out of money on the time!

By the way, I recommend you to go there at night if you want to experience the romantic time while looking out through the huge windows ^-^

For the direction:
Take the subway line no.4 to Dongjak station (동작역) and get off. Then come out from the station and you will see the cafes.

For more information, click the links below :
Cloud cafe  (Korean)
Red Sky Cafe  (Korean)

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