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Autumn Scene Collections

Late-autumn in the mountain (Sikchangsan)
Indeed a magnificent view ever!
Time flew by just like autumn wind. Autumn season just ended and winter season has began. Fresh autumn wind now is replaced by gusty and irresistible winter hurricane! My body became as stiff as a rock and my lips froze like a fallen foliage on the ground. Violent wind and substantial season transition makes me go insane and sleepy every day!

I miss autumn. I miss the moment i stood at the veranda of my room and sang my favorite song while looking on the people passing through the small road during those refreshing nights. I love to take photos wherever i go. I love to enjoy and to capture sunset scene the most.  For me, every photo is a  precious memory of every season that the beauty of itself won't fade away eternally.  

Let's start!

Sunset in Mid-autumn (Campus)

Water fountains in Mid-autumn (Everland)
Autumn morning  in Early-autumn (Campus)

Evening autumn scene (Government Complex)

Rainbow forms on the fountain below delicate sunshine (Everland)

Our university library during sunset hour (Campus)

Cloud dragon came to visit our university? (Campus)

Random shot for my ending post (Nowhere?)

Hope some of autumn photos i took could brighten up your dull day and don't hesitate to wear a smile on your face :)  Oh, i'm on the exam week :/  Wish me all the best!
For my latest photos, pls look for my Instagram. Have a marvelous day!

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