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A hike 계둉산 Kye Tong Mountain ,The Real mountain hiking

We went for hiking with our Korean language professor because we didn't have any classes today. I love hiking very much.That's why I get excited easily when our professor invited us to go hiking with him! 
Let's start!

 This is the real hiking...all stones ,no staircase at all...
Water from waterfall ,the water tastes sweet,right?
Be careful. It's slippery.

Real experience of mountain climbing,so tired..nearly gave up to hike to the top 


Seems blur ,right? it was cold here ~ we all were freezing here!
This hiking really needed your determination to reach the top of the mountain.This kind of feeling really fantastic and ecstatic..You can try also..^^Yippi ! I was at the peak of the mountain !!! It took us around 1 hour 45 minutes to reach the top and 775.1 high from sea level .Actually this mountain not high as my country's but the path really tougher to hike than my country's such as Bukit Bendera and Youth hill........

Finally my friends arrived safely, so happy ! ^^

Sweet memory between me and Trang 

Magnificent view! Coss 70% of Korea is mountain areas...

Guy corner ^^

All foreigners with Koreans photo shoot.

      Billy,your feet almost hit someone head la !!

Was it 小 熊 headache ? I meant that white color shirt guy..
Maybe it was too chilled at that time.

Heavy downpour causes the rocks rolling down

All trees had no leaves due to the cold weather and high mountain area....

You need good stamina to reach the peak of this mountain. Even guys felt fatigued for this long, tiring mountain hiking. Even though the mountain is high, many people come for hiking too. As the scenery at the top of the mountain is breathless and the air is refreshing! I'm happy that i managed to accomplish my mission to the top of the heaven! The best and challenging activities ever!  

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