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NeXt LiVe performance of DRUM CAT at Seoul,South Korea

Drum Cat is coming very soon ! ! 
They will perform from 09.18.2009 ~ 12.31.2010 ( Except Monday ). 

Actually on September still have a long way to go; so, hope for those who like Drum Cat be patient. Drum Cat's performance comprises of 5 themes: Sexy, Speedy, Funny, Powerful and Wild. A far cry from traditional drumming, the performance focuses on a modernization of rhythm: combining and reinventing rock, jazz, techno and Latin rhythms into a unique blend of sound. Instead of a basic simple beat, audiences will be floored by the complex, powerful rhythms that pound forth along with the accompanying background soundtrack. Sounds Fantastic,right?
For further information about Drum Cat, you can visit the websites below:

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