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Hello Kitty Cafe in South Korea

Let's welcome Hello Kitty Cafe in Daejeon downtown.
No longer go Seoul to find KITTY~! 

"Hello Kitty" are trying their best to fulfill the desire of Hellow Kitty mania in Daejeon! And they managed to get it done! The cafe has been opened since Jun 1 2012 in Daejeon downtown (대전시내). I do luv the environment in the cafe. It's fulled with baby pink stuffs and Hello Kitty dolls! Here is some pictures !

Latte Menu 
No kidding! I'm a real kitty! 
Honestly, I hesitated a lot when considering which latte i should order. All the patterns of Hello Kitty are indeed cute but it's not easy to make it if you're not skillful in doing this ^^
But it's never disappointed me! I usually order sweet potato latte whenever i go to the cafe. I fall in luv with sweet potato ! Oh~ you're my destiny !

Thinking on what to eat? 
Perhaps you can try their mini cakes. But for me, i think it's slightly expensive than an usual cake. If price's not a matter for you, just go for it ! I wonder how is the feeling when a Hello Kitty is melting in your mouth. Feeling great !

More desserts and food !

Caramel Toast

As you can see, there are several types of foods you can choose. Ex: Toast, cakes, desserts and so on. I ordered caramel toast for my tea time with my friends and we really like it ! They have different flavors for each toast cream. You can order the flavors you like the most and share it with your friends. 


Don't worry if you would like to have a party there. They have a special space for celebrating birthday, anniversary and more. The environment is a bit unique from the typical table outside the special area. Especially the light intensity, color and the decorations. I missed the chance to grab the seat T_T

More Pictures
The special seat i mentioned above 
Small gallery? Cute ^-^
We provide Wi-fi and we hate smokers :X
We are healthy Kitty. Meow ~~
It's pretty fun to hang around with friends and find a comfortable place that provides nice surroundings for your gang to chit-chat. I would like to recommend Hello Kitty Cafe or maybe Dog Cafe in Myeong-dong 명동 if you are doggie lover ;)
Feel free to drop some comments here~
Have a good day! 

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