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Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

Thinking where to go on this summer break? Hmm...
Dreaming of make a globe-trotting trip without spending a great deal of money?
Is that possible? I found this awe-inspiring place called Expo 2012 Yeosu in South Korea!

Yeosu, A Beautiful Port City Surrounded by Numerous Islands

Theme: The Living Ocean and Coast
Venue: Yeosu New Port area, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
Period: May 12 ~ Aug 12,2012 (93 days)

It's one of the noted destinations in Korea for this summer period. The purpose of Yeosu Expo is to give awareness about the important of ocean to all living organisms living on the earth. You might think it's a dull spot to go,right? No...For me, it was a fascinating journey. I learn much knowledge and had lots of fun with Korea Brand Communicator members when I went there last week.

What can you do there?
1) Theme Pavilion->Raise awareness polluted ocean

2) Ocean Industry & Technology Center-> Importance of the ocean industry in the future

3) Aqua Planet-> 180° huge aquarium for marine life sightseeing

4) Climate & Environment Pavilion-> Effects of climate change to the marine creatures

5) Korea Pavilion-> Korea’s beautiful marine scenery and future of Korea’s in global marine industry 

6) Sky Tower-> Yeosu city's scenery and being well-known to its pipe organ that can produce loudest sound

7) International Pavilions-> Exhibitions by 106 participating countries and food corners including  USA, Spain, Russia, Romania, Angola, Qatar, Uruguay, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, China, Korea,Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia and etc.

8) Big-Ocean-> Main spot for various important events and mesmerizing night view

Other details

 This is the entrance ticket of Yeosu Expo

The passport for Yeosu Expo 2012
You can buy this passport (yellow, red, dark blue) almost everywhere but you need to search.  A little counter that sells passports can be seen near mascots of Yeoni and Sunni of International Pavilion. Price per passport is 5,000 won/ 5 USD and it consists of 40 blank pages you could use for filling seals/stamps when you visit any pavilions in expo. It will be a good memory for yourself :)

Sky Tower at night
In Korea Pavilion- He's explaining the use of sea weed with the future technology in the making of biodegradable plastics, fabrics and etc. Seriously, he's a indeed capable person who can sing, dance,  carry out the presentation with his amusing pose. The show was amazing and interesting! I couldn't take him out of my mind. He's really hilarious and cute <3

Thanks to the Presidential Council in Nation Branding, the company which organized this fascinating trip for us. We really enjoyed a lot and accomplished all of the missions given! Stay tunes. Next post is about PUSAN!

For official website of Yeosu Expo 2012, please click the link below:

You can purchase the entrance ticket on the link below

More about Yeosu

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